Trenchless Sewer ReplacementHave you been putting off replacing or repairing your old sewer system? For many homeowners, this type of project causes fear of high prices and holes dug in your yard or landscape. Many of you have heard of the newest trend in sewer and drain replacement, the Trenchless Sewer Systems. This technology has been around for 15 years or more, but you may be hesitant because you don’t know anything about it, or you aren’t sure how it works.

Let’s look at the questions we usually get about the Trenchless Sewer System:

1. What exactly is the Trenchless Sewer System?

This system can replace or repair your existing sewer system (pipes or lines) with very little disturbance to your property.

2. How does it work?610

Cutting edge technology has enabled us to drill one or two holes at the site of your existing pipes. We then insert a flexible tube that has been treated with resin and goes inside broken or worn lines. After this substance is expanded, the old pipe bursts-leaving you with a seamless sewer system.

3. Can I use the Trenchless Sewer System for my repairs?

This highly efficient system can be used to treat pipes that have been backed up due to tree roots o610r other debris. It can repair cracked or corroded pipes. If you need a larger line to your house, the Trenchless System is a great alternative.

4. Can I afford the Trenchless Sewer System?

A better question to ask is can you afford NOT to take advantage of this new technology? When you add in the costs of redoing your landscaping or repaving roads or parking lots, the Trenchless system is cost effective and time friendly. If you choose this system, you won’t have the costs of restoring your yard or landscaping; you won’t have to pay someone to repave your parking lot or to replace your flooring.

5. Are the Trenchless pipes and lines as durable as traditional sewer systems?

Pipes and lines developed by the Trenchless system are just as durable and effective as your old equipment. This sewer system also meets and exceeds all the requirements and standards of the industry.

The Trenchless Sewer System has many advantages for you to consider its technology has saved yards, parking lots and even expensive flooring with its minimal invasive capability. Pipes and lines that have been created for the Trenchless system are resistant to corrosion and cracks, and they are not vulnerable to tree roots. The smooth design of the pipes and lines provide a clear and smooth passage for waste and other materials. Lastly, this system is estimated to have a 50-year life expectancy on materials.

After you talk to your repair experts and do some research yourself, you may find that the Trenchless Sewer System is the best option for you. If you have invested time and money in the landscaping and property of your home or business, trust the newest and best way to replace your sewer system. You won’t even be able to tell they were there!