This world is becoming increasingly more globalized. People are doing business with each other through apps and websites all across the globe. There is the technology to do video conferencing, so people can see one another face to face just as though they were sitting across from one another in a board room.

This interconnectedness means that there is an increasing accountability to business partners and customers across the globe. This is why you need international business reviews; it keeps the global community accountable to one another.

Customer service might be local but business integrity is international. The businesses work with other companies for parts, for services, and for capital trades. That is why you need international business reviews. Such reviews put a face to a name, and people are expecting these faces to not all look the same and have the same interests.

Many people are becoming worried that citizens of their own countries as well as those in third world countries, are not being exploited. They realize that not every nation has laws that ensure fair business practices and employee rights. So the consumer wants to know that those unseen global infrastructural providers working in factories are not being exploited for pennies. Countries that are notorious for child labor are the worst with this, because children should not even be working in warehouses. At least this is the belief held by first world countries.

It is recognized that not all people have a voice, and some countries censor the Internet so that employees cannot go on such sites and leave reviews. However, it is up to the company to not have dealings with countries that enslave children workers. It is their job to do their homework so that they know that the parts they receive were made under equitable working conditions. Often, when countries set up factories in third world areas, they give residents there a job and a voice that they did not have previously. These people are afforded a quality of life that they were not currently able to experience. These people may then have access to the Internet to make reviews through the company.

It seems to be a collective movement that people in first world countries are surviving on less wages in order to ensure that other countries get a chance to work. This is not always the choice of the people, rather it is due to neoliberalism, where the companies go where there is a market that can get the job done at a reasonable rate. But regardless of the nation that the company operates in, there should be business feedback through reviews. It keeps companies accountable.

The reason why you need international business reviews is because you should care about the global footprint that your company is making. The success of your business relies on providing ethical care to all its branches. Making business integrity the company priority is a legal requirement, but it is also a global responsibility. So the reviews are the voices of consent or dissent that should steer the entire business ship.