There are a million reasons why people may not be employed. Perhaps they are a student-focused on their studies or a stay-at-home parent. Maybe they’re retired or have enough passive income to tide them over each month. All too often, many people who aren’t working have been laid off or fired from their jobs indeed. Whatever reason one may have for not currently working, there are just as many valid reasons to enter (or re-enter) the job market. 

The universal reason to work is to earn an income. When you’re in financial need, that’s the best motivator to start applying for jobs. Even if the circumstances are not ideal, financial need is the indicator to tell anyone that it’s the time to apply for a position. Depending on your unique situation, you might need only part-time work, or you may have to dive in to search for full-time employment. 

College Students


Even students who have a scholarship or receive financial support from their parents may not have enough money left over to cover all their monthly bills. Meanwhile, those paying their own way can certainly struggle when it comes to bills. Finding even part-time work is the best solution because every little bit adds up and can help mitigate debt. Many jobs are hiring now for students with little-to-no work experience under their belts. 

Stay-At-Home Parents


One of the most challenging decisions for parents is deciding whether both should attempt to work or not. Having a dual-stream income helps manage the budget but comes with a trade-off such as less parenting time or leaving a child (or children) in others’ care. At some point, the need to earn can outweigh other considerations. In these cases, it’s essential to find a job that will more than cover the out-of-pocket expenses of daycare. It’s also helpful to work as close to home (or the daycare) as possible if the need arises to return. Bear this in mind as you search “jobs hiring near me” on Google!

Laid-Off Workers


If you’ve been laid off or fired recently, don’t wait to get back up on the horse. Many people going through these situations find themselves feeling depressed, which can have a demotivational effect. The act of searching for new jobs seems like a chore, but it’s a necessary one. When applicable, unemployment benefits only last for so long and usually aren’t enough to replace one’s former paycheck. 

The best time to start looking is immediate! Even though your old company may not have had a space for you at present, that does not mean the entire industry is closed down. Jobs are hiring now in your field and most likely in your area. If you don’t find something that’s a perfect match after searching through the usual job portals, there are alternative sites to review, or you can simply search “jobs hiring near me” to bring up ads for openings from local employers. This will also fetch listings from Glassdoor, ZipRecruiter, LinkedIn, and more. 

Note: The Department of Labor provides information on unemployment insurance and links to each state’s program. This benefit can help reduce financial stress as impacted workers go about the process of job-seeking. Meanwhile, the new CARES Act gives states “the option of extending unemployment compensation to independent contractors and other workers who are ordinarily ineligible for unemployment benefits.” 

Retired Persons

Sometimes people opt to retire as soon as they are eligible. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to take some relaxing downtime and enjoy the fruits of one’s labor. However, if savings and retirement earnings aren’t enough to make ends meet, then things may boil down to one last resort — going back to work! Many retirees discover that after a year or two of being away from their old jobs, they start to get bored. They may or may not miss their old position, but they can experience a desire to return to the habits and routine of working. 

For various reasons, they might not want or be able to return to what they did before. It’s quite common for retired individuals to select an entirely new employment choice, something more suitable for their current goals. Many don’t want a job that bears a ton of responsibility. Some cannot physically perform specific tasks they once could. With age can come certain inevitable limitations, which employers are happy to accommodate. Indeed, jobs hiring near me now for persons who simply want to earn a bit of extra income. 

No matter what your reasons for seeking employment, we wish you the best of luck on your job hunting journey!