Clinical Strength Somxl® Our Topical Cream For Genital Warts is specifically designed with two objectives, the first objective is to remove the wart or warts quickly and painlessly. The second objective is to renew the skin so it looks healthy and clean. Many products on the market today will remove genital warts but our topical cream for genital warts also revitalizes the skin area where the wart was so its new again.

Clinical Strength Somxl® is also designed to be easily applied at home and in private. We are FDA approved as a wart remover so you can be sure it is safe to use. Some other products can be used at home but can be very dangerous to use if you don’t follow the instructions exactly.

Trichloroacetic acid or (TCA) is being sold as a home remedy for genital warts, it works just like its most well known cosmetic use, as a skin peel. It will peel away the layers of the warts, this solution is very high in its acidic content and will do substantial damage to healthy surrounding skin if it is applied there to.

When using TCA you can expect moderate to high levels of discomfort which may last several minutes in the area where you have applied the solution. This will pass, there will be a reddening of the area being treated also which can last for the whole day.

It can be difficult to control just how deep the acid solution will penetrate your skin. The acid can burn too deeply and you will have pain in this case, skin irritation, and ulcers are also common. Other side effects include, swelling in the area of application, burning and tenderness.

Genital Warts

Another option is Aldara, it is the most prescribed home treatment Program for genital warts, it can be expensive if your medicare plus insurance does not cover it but it is effective at the removal of genital warts. You apply it 3 times a week to the warts. It cannot be used for genital warts internally.

Reactions to watch for in the treatment area are swelling, redness, burning, itching, pain and sometimes hardening or thickening of the skin. Watch for skin discoloration, flaking, peeling, scabbing. Severe reactions should passed to your Doctor or Nurse such as sores, bleeding, blisters and ulcers.

Clinical Strength Somxl® is safe to use and FDA approved, it is designed to be used in the most sensitive parts of your body and the side effects are minimal. So if you are looking for a safe Topical Cream For Genital Warts try Clinical Strength Somxl®.