Choosing the right orthodontic braces treatment in Las Vegas can be challenging, but it’s important to take the time to make the right decision for you or your child.  You’ll be interacting with your Las Vegas orthodontist for an extended period of time on one of your most important facial features – your smile!

While there are many orthodontists in Las Vegas, results can vary greatly depending on whom you choose. Even just a couple more years of experience can make a world of difference on your results.

Asking the right questions will help you choose the right orthodontic braces treatment in Las Vegas. The following list will help you decide which Las Vegas orthodontist will best serve your needs.

1.Do they offer lifetime warrantee for braces? Most patients don’t realize that they may need to pay for braces again should the teeth shifted in the future. The lifetime warrantee means the orthodontist will put your braces back with no charge should your teeth shift later in life. You will save ten to twenty thousands of dollars down in the road.

2.Are the office hours flexible and are there well-trained staff members/doctors available for any possible emergency visit? Will there be extra charges for these visits? Can the doctor be reached at all times?
3.Do they offer multiple sets of retainers? Wearing retainers is a lifetime commitment. Most patients do not know their teeth will get crooked again when they stop wearing retainers. Retainers are not cheap, and they do break or get lost down in the road. Frequently, patients spend thousands of dollars replacing their retainers in their later life. Therefore, ask your orthodontist how many sets of retainers they cover in your plan. The more the better!

4.Are all fees disclosed up-front? Make sure there are no hidden fees for your orthodontic braces treatment in Las Vegas. These may include “records” (x-ray equipment should be onsite and included in the total fee), broken brackets, additional appliances or missed appointments.
5.How long has the Las Vegas orthodontist been in business? Be sure the doctor has been in practice for a good number of years to increase knowledge and experience. Ask about staff experience as well.
6.Are brackets or any other appliances recycled or reused? Be sure there are NO recycling procedures being used for braces themselves or any other appliances to be worn.
7.Do they charge for loose or broken appliances? Most orthodontists charge for loose appliances. Some patients end of spending lots of money repairing their broken appliances during treatment. Make sure your orthodontist is generous on repairing your loose appliances.

8.Does the practice take additional x-rays and/or models throughout the treatment without charge and onsite? Periodically, an x-ray or a model will be needed to monitor growth and tooth movement and these should be available at no charge. Do you have to go elsewhere for orthodontic x-rays?
9.Is the practice focused on the customer service aspect of orthodontics? Will you and/or your child have an enjoyable experience and be treated in a special way and in a caring environment? Will procedures be explained and will the doctor see every patient at every visit?
10.Is the quality of treatment apparent? Are there actual before and after pictures and reviews of other patients available?

Armed with this list, you can make the most informed decision to find the best orthodontic braces treatment in Las Vegas. Call our office today to schedule a consultation and we’ll be happy to answer these and any other questions you might have.