Would you like to know what are the most important things to look for when hiring the best commercial roofing contractor for your project?

If so, read on…

When it comes to choosing a commercial roofing contractor your main goal should always be to have a well-maintained facility that not only can impress the people that come into  your business but that is also durable and needs little maintenance.

Commercial roof

In order to achieve that you should never attempt to do this on your own, commercial roofing can be much more complicated to build in comparison to residential roofing, always try to hire a competent commercial roofing contractor.

But what should you even look for in order to do so?

Today I’ll be sharing with you the 5 most important things you should be looking for in a commercial roofing contractor before you hire.

They should be experienced

A good commercial denver roofing contractor has to know what he’s doing, never hire rookies to do the commercial roofing of your business. An experienced commercial roofing contractor will always know how to avoid commercial roofing problems making your life a lot easier and giving you peace of mind.

Roofing Contractor

Always make sure that your commercial roofing contractor:

  • Counts with years of experience: Look for how long they have been in the business. If they can prove that they have been a commercial roofing contractor for a long time, it means they are experts and you should consider hiring them.
  • Has an extensive portfolio: A commercial roofing contractor should be able to show you at least a portion of their past projects. This will not only help you confirm their experience but will give you a view of what they could do for you and your project.

They should have good references

Any good commercial roofing contractor is able to show you seeing how they have helped their previous customers and what they have to say about them is something that can help you decide if you want to hire them.

You can see their references by: 

testimonials roof

  • Looking at their testimonials: Every commercial roofing contractor should provide you with tons of testimonials of their satisfied customers from previous projects, Look at these testimonials and see what they have to say about the commercial roofing contractor.
  • Looking for reviews outside of their website: Don’t rely only on what they have to show you, do a quick research on the web and see what you can find about them.
  • Checking the roofing contractor with the B.B.B: Doing this can help you gather information about them and see if they are an accredited business.

They should have the respective licenses in order

Unlike residential roofing commercial roofing is subject to constant routine inspections, always make sure to check if they have the required licenses in order before you hire them to do your commercial roofing, if possible ask them to hand you a copy of their licenses.

Always estimate

Always verify that your commercial roofing contractor:

  • Is certificated: Certifications are proof that said commercial roofing contractor is capable of providing a good service. Certified contractors have demonstrated that they know what to do, so you can’t go wrong by hiring one.
  • Fulfill the regulations of your state: The regulations change based on your state, verify that the commercial roofing contractor you are hiring fulfills every regulation in your state to avoid problems.


For commercial roofing, Insurance is a must-have. If there’s something you’d never want to happen is to be held responsible for injured workers on your property and to have to deal with a lawsuit.

We highly recommend you to avoid any unnecessary problems and only hire a commercial roofing contractor that is insured.

Always make sure their insurance:

  • Includes workers compensation insurance: This insurance guarantees you that if any of the workers suffer any accidents while working on your property you are not held responsible for it.
  • Includes liability insurance: This insurance covers third party property damage or bodily injury to non-employees.
  • Ask them for a copy of their insurance certificate: It will never be a bad idea to ask them for a copy of their insurance certificate, some commercial roofing contractors might not be able to give you this but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

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The best roofing contractors will not be afraid to offer you a great guarantee, this is because they know the quality of their services and are confident in what they offer you. If on the other hand, your commercial roofing contractor doesn’t offer you a good warranty, watch out!

And that’s it!

If you are able to find these 5 must-haves on the commercial roofing contractor you plan to hire, you will notice in no time that you have hired very capable professionals.