It is a known fact that wood destroying pests are a common enough occurrence in Central Pennsylvania. It is best to be aware of this and to take steps to prevent them from destroying the wood work in one’s homes and offices.
For this, one can get a wood destroying insect inspection done. With such a measure, one can mark out the presence of insects and also the extent to which they have caused the destruction. Just purely by visually examining the woodwork, it is very difficult to judge the damage by wood insects since most it is very internal.
The inspector from a specialised pest control company is very likely to first take a good look at the attic and basement. The structural framing of the whole home can be scrutinised from here. However, if there is a lot of insulation or furniture and other stuff, the inspection will get somewhat hampered. As such, due to plaster or other wall covering, any trained inspector will also be able to see roughly ten per cent of the structural framing in the home. The rest, a very sizeable 90 per cent, cannot be adjudged.

Termites and even carpenter ants can come in and attack the wood even via small cracks or crevices in the basic structure. After their entry, it can even be a few years before a seen sign of their presence is felt. If you are in the process of picking up a piece of property, it is advisable to get it thoroughly checked up beforehand. If there is infestation, you must get it treated before moving into the house.

The five main wood destroying insects in Central Pennsylvania are: subterranean termites, carpenter ants, powder post beetles, old house borer beetles and carpenter bees. It is wise to also know that one should have one’s home inspected for any kinds of infestation once a year. Signs of a termite infestation include swarming, mud tubes which the insects build to help in their movement from one spot to another in the house, sagging floors and ceilings, termite droppings which can be seen as wood pellets or coffee grounds, and even dropped off wings from termites when they set up a new place to reside in.

Pest control pros also carry out a thorough check near windows, vents and basements for insect infestation. Along with, they also go through porches, Deck Builder Services in Columbia , mulch and wood piles. What is not often understood is that several houses also have hidden spots like insulation coverings, frames in the attic, areas above the foundation walls et al. Earlier on, a check on these was made by probing with a long rod to see if there was any softness in them. This, however, is not a very accurate method since the inspector cannot really see the area behind the insulation. Also, an exact determination cannot be done of the damage caused by these insects when there are drop ceiling tiles present in the basements and these cover up the frames above them.