Selling your house in Columbus, Ohio is never an easy decision. Your property is probably one of your most valuable assets. However, the Covid-19 pandemic and the new regulations and restrictions that have been implemented to curb the spread of the virus, have put so many homeowners in a position where they have little choice but to sell.

Navigating the real estate market during a crisis of this nature is also no simple task. Selling a home is a challenging and time-consuming task at the best of times. The pandemic has made this so much worse resulting in far fewer potential home buyers and making it more difficult for those property buyers who are out there to get finance to purchase a property.

There is one viable option to sell my house fast Columbus Ohio, for cash that few people are aware of. Real estate investors don’t rely on finance and are therefore not affected by the Covid-19 restrictions. They are looking for properties regardless of the current health and resulting economic crisis.

How Do I Sell My House Fast In Columbus, Ohio?


The process is simple. All you need to do is contact us and provide us with the location of your property and some details. For example, the size of the property and the house, how many bedrooms/bathrooms and any additional features that may add value to the home.

We will then either make you an offer or set up an appointment at a time and date that is convenient for you to view the property. Once our assessment is complete, we can make you an offer.

Do I Have To Accept The Offer To Sell My House Fast?


You are under no obligation to accept our offer. If you prefer to wait for a better offer to sell your house, then you can turn down our offer. We will even give you some time to think about it. However, time is of the essence and the offer that we make can’t remain the same forever. Plus, we are there to provide homeowners with the opportunity to sell their house as quickly as possible.

Do I Need To Make Repairs And Renovations Before You Buy?


Our goal is to buy properties no matter what condition they are currently in. You don’t need to go to the extra expense or spend the additional time making repairs before you sell to use. In fact, if you do choose to do renovations, this is probably not going to have much effect on the offer we make so you will be wasting your time and money. We are in the business of buying houses as an investment and have a professional team that will ensure we get the property in tip-top shape.

What Commission, Fees Or Charges Will There Be To Sell My House Fast?

Unlike real estate agents, we do not charge a commission for buying your property. This is because we buy your property directly and not through a middle man who needs to be paid for their services. We also don’t charge any additional fees. We will even take care of the transfer costs. The offer we make is the amount that you will receive in your bank account and your profits stay in your pocket.

How Long Will It Take To Finalize The Sale?

It can take as little as two weeks to finalize the sale from the moment that we make you an offer until the transfer of the title of the property is complete. However, if the property is encumbered in any way or there are other obstacles that prevent a quick sale, the process may take a little longer. For example, if there is a lien against the property. We will however endeavor to finalize the process as quickly as possible in Columbus, Ohio.

You simply have nothing to lose by giving us the opportunity to make you an offer to buy your house. Just remember, the sooner you contact us and accept the offer we make, the sooner we can get started on the paperwork and finalizing the sale and the sooner you get cash in your bank account. Even if you have not been affected by the pandemic or have other reasons to sell your house fast in Columbus, Ohio, we want to make you an offer.

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