Chiappa Firearms, based out of Italy, pride themselves in producing a variety of quality firearms including, tactical guns, hunting rifles, traditional firearms, personal defense weapons, historical and military replicas. Let’s take a look at four of our favorite Chiappa rifles for sale.


This neat semi-automatic rifle uses 22long ammunition. It has a look and feel of the USGI M1 Carbine, even right down to the overall dimensions. This rimfire rifle is inexpensive and easy to shoot, even for beginners.

Consumers can choose from either wood or polymer stocks, which are also interchangeable with the original M1. This rifle has a sliding rear sight and a winged front sight. The M1-22 conveniently comes with two 10 round magazines for never-ending fun.


If you are a history buff, this is the gun for you. This fun lever-action rifle gained recognition after it was adopted by the Union Army during the Civil War. This piece of history was considered an improvement over the muzzle loading rifles that were used prior to.

This historical replica uses only parts which are an exact replica of the original firearm. It features hand oiled walnut stocks, with a blued barrel. It is a 44-40 caliber with a 30” barrel.

Double Badger

This gun is perfect for the outdoor enthusiast with a need for a hunting and survival firearm all in one. This rifle and shotgun combo are available in both a 22lr and a 20 gauge. This versatile gun has the feel of an over and under shotgun.

Consumers will enjoy the fiber optic ghost ring that comes standard and the 3/8” dovetail rail for mounting optics. The best feature of this gun is its portability, as it folds in half to make storage and transportation hassle-free.

Richmond Muzzleloader

This is one of the most famous firearms used in the American Civil War. This gun is great for history enthusiasts who enjoy collecting historical firearms or participate in battle re-enactments. Every single detail is carefully recreated to create an authentic replica any gun older will be happy to own. This gun is a replica of the 1842 Musket. The stock is hand oiled walnut, and the barrel is blued with color case locks.

A Gun for Everyone

Chiappa prides itself in making quality to firearms for every skill level and purpose. Choose from our wide selection of rifles perfect for tactical use, historical reenactments, target practice, or hunting adventures. Our experts are happy to offer advice and guide you in the right direction based on individual needs and preferences.