Home appliances get spoilt at times. Naturally, wear is tear is obviously going to happen with time. Sometimes, it may also happen that an appliance may not be delivered in the best of state to the customer. It is best if one does not wish to take chances, that a person should go in for an annual maintenance contract for appliances. Of course, when one buys a home appliance, it is essential that we get a guarantee or a warranty card for a given period of time. This is of utmost necessity. For most home appliances, one can usually get this period of security for certain piece parts in them for three to five to even ten years at times. One should save their guarantee or warranty cards and not misplace them in any which way. These should be kept strictly under lock and key and made use of when the opportunity comes.

After this period of guarantee or warranty is over, the customer should go in for an annual maintenance contract or a contract for three to five years for the sensitive part or components of their appliances. This too is very essential so that if anything major goes wrong with their unit, help is ready at hand and at not a sky-rocketing cost. If one does not take such precautions, we can end up spending a big bomb on the appliance.

How else can you ensure that a product lasts for a long time?

At the time of purchase of a home appliance, it is best to bargain with the shopkeeper or the company salesperson for a good deal. Tell them to give an assurance that the guarantee or warranty period can be extended by some margin or another. This deal should be worked out beforehand and in writing. There should not be any fine-print or reading between the lines by the company salesperson. Be sure to know the exact details of what you are getting signed on at the time of purchase of the home appliance. Sometimes, shopkeepers play dirty games with unsuspecting customers and give a warranty or guarantee only on some parts of the appliance and not on the sensitive components which may actually start malfunctioning. Hence, before you buy a home appliance, read up literature on it and which all components are sensitive and liable to getting damaged. Work out your deal accordingly without making any good-ups on this issue.

Also, sometimes, the repair person charges a transportation fee for coming to the home or office for repair work. Ask them for all the payment details before they come knocking on your door to prevent yourself from getting fleeced. There are a number of extra charges which the repair personnel can charge you for. Hence, it is best to have a detailed discussion before they come to you and harass you for extra money with no good quantum of work done.

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