There are quite a few unknown facts and misconceptions about how to properly maintain your home’s drainage system. You would be surprised by the countless number of plumbing myths that actually exist. As a homeowner, the more that you understand about how your home’s plumbing system works. Then, the better chance you have of providing proper maintenance and care to your home’s drainage system. Proper drain cleaning is an essential part of a happy and healthy home.

Myth 1: Your kitchen sink is cleaner than your toilet bowl is.

Who would have ever thought otherwise? It simply comes down to this fact. You disinfect and sterilize your toilet bowl a lot more than you disinfect your kitchen sink. Actually, you may never have disinfected your kitchen sink. The truth is, your toilet bowl is much cleaner. Most people think that since plenty of water and soap go down the sink drain from washing dishes and washing their hands, then there is no need to disinfect the sink drain, it’s clean.

You couldn’t be more wrong. There are loads of infectious bacteria that live in your sink drain. This bacteria can cause your family to become very sick. Water and soap are not strong enough to kill this bacteria. If the bacteria progresses and continues to grow, tiny needle-like black worms can develop in your kitchen sink drain. This can result in those almost microscopic little worms coming out of your drain and getting into nearby food or onto nearby dishes. Most likely, without anyone ever knowing until it’s too late and they become ill. Pretty gross, isn’t it?

Myth 2: You can not dispose of anything you want in your kitchen sink’s garbage disposal.

A sure-fire way to ruin your kitchen drain and pipes is to stuff anything that can fit into your garbage disposal. An added misconception is running water does not help food to go down your garbage disposal any smoother. There are just certain things you should not put into your garbage disposal. Obviously, plastic, paper products, and items of that nature should never go into the garbage disposal.

What about the not so obvious? Most people believe that any food can be disposed of in a garbage disposal. Sorry to say, that is not the case at all. Grease, cooking oils, rice, noodles, animal cartilage, egg shells, potato skins, orange peels, banana peels, just to name a few. These food items will not only damage your garbage disposal. Then can also badly clog your drain pipes. Leaving you and the plumber with a costly situation.

Myth 3: Commercial chemical products can cause more harm than good.

Drain RepairWe have all used these products. If you have a clogged drain, buy a chemical drain cleaner instead of having the expense of calling a plumber. These products have chemicals that react with one another. The chemicals react to break apart or dissolve the clog in your drain. Unknown to consumers is that this same chemical reaction causes damage to your pipes. It can cause enough damage that you will end up having no choice but to call a plumber. Now, the cost is greater than what it would have original been.

Myths versus Facts

These are just a few of the most important misconceptions about properly caring for and maintaining your drain pipes. As a homeowner, if you know the facts from the fiction, then you will end up saving yourself costly expenses in the long run. Proper care will enable you to take care of these situations yourself without the need of expert help.