We are living in an era where explainer videos are dominating the world. So why not make a video testimonial for our audience? They have the power to attract a potential customer for our services and products.
An explainer video involves a person reviewing a product. This makes the review more believable and giving it more values.
Here we will highlight the major points to keep in mind when producing powerful explainer videos.

Explain your products in seconds

The explainer video can explain your products in mere seconds. The average span of an internet user is of eight seconds. If someone visits your websites, blog, social media profile you have to express your business idea before they get distracted. They have enough power to grab your viewer’s attention. They also show information in an educational and compelling way that will keep them focused.

They increase the conversion ratio

The final goal of any marketing campaign is conversion. So why not take advantage of the fact that up to 80% of people are more likely to buy a service or products if they saw an explainer video first?
A perfect explainer videos company produces video that will combine dedicated target insights, a catching narrative and cute characters for optimum results.

They build a powerful brand in the market

Custom content is always the way to go: If you provide your customers with something as unique as your brand can offer you are in for awesome feedback.

LinkedIn video ads complement any digital marketer’s advertising strategy by offering a native ad format to fill in any gaps in their online presence.

Better ROI

The explainer videos from a reputed explainer videos company may produce a better ROI than commercial advertisements. With a similar cost, it is easy to have a good return on the investment with such a strong tool.

High recall rate

Do you know that 80% of the audience recall a video advertisements they have seen in the last 45 days 13% finally make the purchase?
An explainer video from an Startup business management Plan works with animation, sound, good character and compelling storytelling, your audience will feel identified and better engage with them. This hard fact that our memories work better when emotions are involved!

Social media

An explainer video is the most sharable marketing content of all and works on all the social media sites. As you know that videos generate more engagement and lead than other contents.
You can post your explainer video in your status updates and also run an “ad campaign” to get more conversion, lead and more exposure.


Explainer videos are a powerful tool to train the internal staff. You may use it as a source of inspiration and motivation.
They are good to used to share a new system and process.