Work for travel opportunities has become a lot more accessible in recent years with work exchange platforms making the travel for a free dream a reality. More hosts are offering travelers the chance to volunteer for accommodation making it so much easier to travel the world for next to nothing. Travelers save money and get a more authentic experience, while hosts get the help they need with their project. However, the work for travel experience gives much more than that. These unique experiences present a whole variety of other opportunities that will enhance your stay and give you skills for life. Read on to see how you can make the most of your work exchange travel experience.


Learn New Skills


Work trade opportunities are a haven for learning new skills. They can give you the chance to work on something you have never done before. Experience or skills aren’t necessarily required, so you can have a go at something which would have been almost impossible to do in your home country. Want to give gardening a go? Does someone need a painter? Whatever it is, if you have the enthusiasm and willingness to get stuck in, then anything is possible. Even if you work for travel in an industry you know well, cultural differences will push you out of your comfort zone and make you look at things from a different viewpoint. Adjusting and improving to these challenges will develop your skills even further, which could give you the edge in the next role you apply for. Add this new-found knowledge and experience to your resume and it just might take your career to the next level!

Immerse Yourself in the Culture

One of the greatest benefits of work for travel is the opportunity to live and work with locals. An average vacation almost never gives you this experience, it is totally unique to exchange travel. Don’t miss out on discovering the heritage, people, culture and so much more! REAL travel is sticking around to really interact with the locals and finding hidden gems that most tourists miss. Have breakfast and dinner with your host or visit somewhere that only locals visit. You will be surprised at how welcoming people can be. Things like tasting unique foods, being taught traditional dances, and discussing cultural differences with your host family really give you an authentic travel experience that not many other forms of travel can achieve. 


Learn a Language

If you have always thought about learning a language then what better time to do it! There is no better way to learn than living and working in a native speaking community being surrounded by the local lingo. It will be beneficial in every part of your exchange travel experience allowing you to not only communicate with more locals but could spring more opportunities to work for travel. You will not only learn the language, but you will also help enrich yourself in the culture by learning phrases, ways of doing things, and the culture behind them. Additionally, you would be gaining a skill for life which who knows what you could do with it in the future. The opportunities to practice are endless which means learning is so much easier. So if you aren’t going to learn now, then when will you!?

Being a volunteer for accommodation is one of the best ways to extend your trip. So if you want to really explore a destination or country to its fullest, a work exchange can help you stay for longer

In your chosen country or countries! Yes, you don’t have to stick to one country. Some backpackers work for housing exchange in several different countries meaning you can work for travel for as long as you want to. Most regular tourists tend to see the main sights, visit the most popular cities and only stay for a week or so. Exchange travel is much more flexible, stay as long as you want, where you want, and delve deeper into whichever part of the country’s culture you love the most. If you want more than just a whistle-stop tour of the sights then work for travel experiences is for you.

Put your Heart into the Work

Work exchange is essentially helping out someone who needs it and receiving accommodation in return. It is a fantastic way to travel for almost nothing, though that doesn’t mean you should focus all your energy on travel and see the work as a chore or a secondary activity. The host has been kind enough to offer this amazing work for housing exchange opportunities, so the least you can do is to really help support the project. A bad review isn’t going to help you in the future either. Show your enthusiasm, help out as much as you can and this will really be appreciated by the host. Additionally, the sense of pride when you have helped make a difference to the local community is unbeatable. You may think you are just completing the work for travel, but the results can really make a difference to your host. Do a good job and it could even lead to extra benefits or enable you to stay for longer. As the old saying goes, the more you put into it, the more you will get out of it.

Connect with other Travellers

Connect with other exchange travel workers! A huge work for the travel community lies at your fingertips providing reviews advice, and general chat about work-trade opportunities. You will never feel alone when there are so many others sharing their experiences. Ask around for recommendations, seek out picturesque locations to work and there may also be the chance to work on a volunteer work travel project with a fellow exchange traveler. Keep in contact with your host and all your new friends (who will feel like family once the time comes to leave!) as you never know what exciting opportunities they could bring in the future.


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