There are many businesses that are today moving away from the formal dress codes that were a fact of life only a generation ago – when the suit was among the very few acceptable ways to dress for a day at the office. However, even in these more relaxed times, there are certain occasions when a man will be required to wear a suit – and certain business sectors where a suit is still, by and large, a requirement in order to project an aura of professionalism (for instance in the financial sector). However, even if the dress code isn’t as limiting as that requiring a suit, a professional is still expected to dress smartly in order to both provide clients with a visual representation of the seriousness with which he takes his responsibilities – as well as promote the professional brand of his or her organization.

Socks are an essential part of business attire. For many men, the easiest (and most cost effective) way to find socks that are suitable for the business environment is to buy mens business socks online. The choice can however, be bewildering. For those who want to simplify the process of purchasing socks online here are some simple guidelines to streamline the process.

Firstly the is the strictly utilitarian nature of business socks they should be able to ‘wick’ (draw) moisture away from the feet and allow it to evaporate. This has a dual purpose. It allows the feet to remain cool and comfortable and it protects sometimes extremely expensive business shoes from damage that might be caused by an excess of moisture. Of course, a great pair of socks that keep moisture under control will also prevent the potential embarrassment of the odors that might be caused by substandard sock choices. For many the best material for this purpose is wool. Cotton is also a good choice, but wool is superior. Synthetics such as nylon and polyester can excel at wicking moisture away from the foot – but they may be extremely thin. If you are going to choose a synthetic material then look for a sock that has a blend of natural and synthetic for a more comfortable fit and experience.

When deciding to buy mens business socks online it is also important to look at the thickness of padding on the bottom of the sock. This should be sufficient to protect the feet from rubbing against the interior of the shoe. Even the most deskbound of professional will almost inevitably be walking a significant distance during the course of the day. Inadequate padding can quickly lead to discomfort – and in extreme cases can lead to medical issues that affect both the feet and the supporting structures of the ankle. As far as comfort is concerned also make sure that the sock fits snugly. Loose socks, aside from being unattractive, can slide and rub against the sole – causing blisters.

Then there is the vexing question of color. Traditionally the correct way to find the right color business sock was to match it to the color of the shoe – and the default color of those shoes was almost inevitably black. However, times change. Today it is more acceptable to match the color of the sock to the trousers that are being worn. This is not a hard and fast rule – there are certain occasions (and certain industries) where some leeway might not only be acceptable, but even desirable. For instance, if a pair of grey trousers are part of the work ensemble then a pair of red socks with a grey diamond pattern can signal a more creative and even assertive approach to a dress code. The key is simply to not go overboard – apply a modicum of common sense.

As far as length is concerned, when looking to buy mens business socks online the ideal socks should reach midway up the calf.

By following some simple guidelines when buying mens business socks online the businessman will ensure that he projects an image that is in keeping with his professional station. It is well worth taking the time to find a pair of socks that suits the modern business environment.