If you’re looking for a bold addition to your knife collection, look no further than a Damascus blade. There are lots of attractive knives on the market today, but not many will have the same impact as a Damascus knife. They’re available in just about any configuration too, from fixed to folding and with lots of options, so finding the right one for you won’t be a problem. Read on to find out more about these amazing knives.


Damascus steel traces its origin back to about 900 AD in the Syrian city of Damascus, where it was used to make swords. When western crusaders witnessed these swords slicing through other weapons, they were understandably impressed. The trouble for the crusaders was that the sword makers keep their methods secret. The material was popular for weaponry until the mid-1700s were when knowledge of the unique forging process was lost.

Luckily for modern knife enthusiasts, during the 1970’s, knife makers were able to closely replicate the forgotten Damascus steel making process. The result today is a strong and versatile blade that is used for such diverse purposes as hunting, camping, and even cooking.

The Pattern

The distinctive look of these blades comes from a manufacturing process of combining different metals which creates the unique patterns they are famous for. During this process, hundreds of metal layers can be combined using extremely high levels of heat to produce a solid block of material. This block is then used to create blades that are exceptionally strong and durable with a unique and attractive pattern. It’s not often that a tool is so useful and attractive at the same time. However, the toughness and durability combined with the distinctive pattern of these blades make it easy to see why they are a favorite of knife lovers everywhere.

Looks and functionality

Don’t let the eye-catching blade fool you though, Damascus tactical knives aren’t just for show. When these high-quality blades are combined with an attractive handle and versatile options, they are perfect for several purposes including camping, hiking, and even everyday carry. Add on a clip to hold it in your pocket, thumb studs for easy opening, and a locking mechanism, and you have a great knife that will provide many years of service in the field.

There are lots of top quality Damascus tactical knives for sale, so finding the right one for you won’t be a problem. Plus, owning one is a great way to show your love of knives and your sense of style too. Hunters, hikers, survivalists, and collectors have recognized the value and beauty of these knives, ensuring they will popular for a long time to come.

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