trenchless-technologyDo you need your pipes fixed but don’t want to destroy your landscape? If so, why not consider cured in place pipe technology? Many of you probably have never heard of this procedure before but in the right situation, it can be your best option. If you have a beautifully designed landscape and you don’t want to have to dig it up to fix your pipe problems, you should really look into this fairly new procedure. Today we will learn more about cured in place pipe technology and how it can benefit you.

How Does Cured in Place Pipe Technology Work?

If you have a damaged leaking sewer pipe, then it’s going to need to be fixed. Traditional sewers services would come to your home and dig it up and this creates a very large hole, and the entire pipe is replaced with a new one. But with cured in place pipe technology, only one hole may be needed. If you have manhole cover access, a hole might even be completely avoided. But how does this work? An upstream access point is determined then a felt tube made out of primarily polyester is impregnated with resin. Then the tube is inserted into the pipe which is in need of repair. The tube is pushed down the pipe with either water pressure or air pressure. Once in place, the tube will be cured by either UV light, hot water, or steam. This hardens the resin and seals up any cracks or damage that has occurred.

Who Is This Technology Right for?

• Homeowners: This technology is perfect for those who have established landscapes that don’t want them destroyed. Cured in place pipe technology is the least invasive process around and depending on your situation, one of the cheapest methods of sewer pipe repair.
• Commercial Business owners: Those who own commercial businesses can benefit from cured in place pipe technology as well. This process takes less time and is far less interruptive than traditional means. If you are faced with a sewer pipe problem, this newer method will have you back up and running much quicker.

How Can Cured in Place Technology Save You Money?

Now let’s take a look at how this fairly new to the public technology can save you money. We have taken into consideration many different elements and have come up with this money saving aspects.

• Less digging means less money: Because you are not paying for someone to dig up your busted pipes you are going to save tons of money. Excavation is costly so the less the better.
• You won’t have to replace your landscape: Because you won’t be digging up your lawn you won’t need to pay a landscaping company to repair it.
• Time is money: If you run a business, a busted sewer pipe can shut you down until it is fixed. Cured in place pipe repair is much faster than traditional methods. This means your business will be up and running in no time at all.
• You won’t have to purchase new pipes: Since you won’t be replacing any pipes, you will save money. Metal can be expensive and very costly to replace.