There are many ways that a window can get a crack. If a small crack is left untreated it can turn into a costly repair. The windshield is designed to provide support to the structure of the vehicle. Many windshields have two layers of glass. The innermost layer is called the lamination which will stay together if the outer layer becomes damage. If the outer layer becomes damaged the crack can interfere with the vision of the driver. Don’t let a cracked windshield turn into an expensive repair in Phoenix, AZ. If the crack is small it can be fixed.

Start Off Dry

Make sure the windshield is dry before fixing the crack. The windshield should also be around room temperature. If it is raining out precipitation may get trapped in the glass during the repair. Acetone can help dry the windshield but make sure that it does not get on the paint of the car.

Repair Kit

Find a repair kit that has an adhesive and a simple syringe to it. This is a basic kit and will stop a chip or a crack from becoming larger.

Step 1:

Start by peeling off the back of the adhesive strip and applying it to the cleaned windshield directly over the chip. Put it down to make sure that it is secure.

Step 2:

Peel the cover off the rest of the film. Push it down to make sure it is secure over the chip.

Step 3:

Take the cap off of the syringe and attack the adapter to it. The syringe should be placed on the adhesive on the windshield.

Step 4:

Pull the handle out of the syringe as far as it will go. Hold this in position for one minute. It may help to have a timer or a stopwatch nearby to time this. This will allow a vacuum to form in the syringe as well as the crack in the glass. The air in the crack will bubble up through the adhesive and the adhesive will be able to replace the air in the crack.

Step 5:

Let go of the handle of the syringe suddenly. This will help create a wave of pressure and will force the adhesive to go into the crack on the windshield. Repeat holding the syringe to the crack and letting go of it suddenly at least 6 times or more. This will almost force the adhesive into the area where the crack was.

Step 6:

Remove everything from the windshield. This includes the syringe, adhesive sheet, and the adapter. There will be a film from the adhesive that will be left on the glass. This should be left in place for a couple of hours until the windshield is properly sealed. Any extra adhesive can be removed with a little bit of rubbing alcohol. If the adhesive is hardened it can be gently removed with a razor knife.

This is a way that a person can fix a crack in their windshield. There is no need to go through an expensive repair or replacement. This method can help a person fix the crack in the windshield before it becomes worse and save them a lot of money.