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For centuries, jewelry has been used to adorn the bodies of humans to enhance our beauty and show social status. While that still may be true for some people, for others, jewelry is a fun expression of their personalities.

 If you look online, you can find hundreds of cheap options for body jewelry. Still, cheap is not always a good idea for your next or existing body piercing. When choosing body jewelry for your next piercing, take some of these factors into consideration. 

Safety First

You must be careful about what type of body jewelry you put in your piercing. The use of proper material will aid your body as it heals your piercing. According to the Association of Professional Piercers, there are only seven approved substances that can be inserted into a fresh new body piercing: 

  • Surgical Steel
  • Titanium
  • Niobium
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Biocompatible Polymers
  • Glass

All seven of these substances pass the standards of the leading professional organization of piercers around the world. They can withstand the high temperatures and pressure of the sterilization process. Once they are inserted into the body, they do not move much, helping to decrease infection.  Our piercers at At Mom’s Custom Tattoo and Body Piercing, provide high-quality jewelry that helps your body heal as safely as possible from its new piercing. Once your piercing is healed, you can branch out and choose different materials to show off your piercing.  

Jewelry Quality

Body Jewelry Quality

If you’re looking for longevity, then be prepared to pay a bit more. High-quality jewelry, like the jewelry you will find at At Mom’s Custom Tattoo and Body Piercing, is durable, safe, and the finish is pristine. Here are some clues to look for, so you can identify high-quality jewelry.

No nicks here: High-quality jewelry will have a flawless mirror finish. Not only is it beautiful, but the smoothness of the finish is less damaging to the piercing. Nicks, scratches, and scuffed surfaces on jewelry can harbor bacteria that can enter your skin and create an infection. So be sure your jewelry shines like a star before you use it. 

Internally threaded: Do not ignore the threading. I repeat, do not overlook the threading on your body jewelry.  When looking at body jewelry, determine if the thread of the jewelry is internal (inside) or external (outside).  When you are initially getting a piercing, the threading should be internal, to avoid any scrapping of the already delicate tissue. External threading is for healed piercings.

It should fit together:  Cheap body jewelry is cheap for a reason. Maybe the manufacture skipped a process. Maybe they glued a gemstone instead of enclosing it. Whatever the method used to cut down on cost, the quality of the jewelry is effected. Inexpensive and cheaper jewelry tends to fall apart in a short amount of time. A quality purchase will not let you down. 

Size Does Matter

While each person and body are unique to everyone, there are standard size charts a skilled piercer will use when helping you choose the jewelry piece that is right for you. The standard chart includes length measurements and gauge sizes. Jewelry that is not fitted correctly can be rejected by the body, causing poor air circulation, infection, and possible expulsion from the body. Our professional and experienced piercers at At Mom’s Custom Tattoo and Body Piercing will help you choose the perfect sized body jewelry. 

Here are some standard size terminologies used in the piercing word:

Gauge: refers to how thick a body piercing will be. (Also – a “gauge” is not a style of jewelry) When a piercer performs a piercing, the piercer uses a bar to go through the piercing. The thicker the gauge size (i.e., 12), the larger the bar, and the higher the gauge (i.e., 20), the thinner the bar.  

Length: the wearable length of a barbell when it is placed in your piercing. The measurement of the length does not include the balls at the end of the barbell.

Diameter: is used to measure body jewelry like hoops, captives, and circulars. The area of the jewelry is measured from the inner and widest point of the circle.

Hopefully, these tips help you find the best body jewelry for your piercing. If you are looking for the best body jewelry in the Spokane Washington area, contact At Mom’s Custom Tattoo and Body Piercing to discuss your piercing needs. They will help you choose the best body jewelry for your piercing, style, and budget. 

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