Bioresonance treatment is an alternative healing method that can be used to help with a wide range of illnesses. This type of therapy is noninvasive and involves a process where electrode patches are placed on an individual’s skin to check their bodies energetic waves.

The electrode patches are hooked up to a machine that detects negative energetic waves on an individual’s body. The machine not only detects negative energy but counteracts them to achieve a balanced state of health. This entire process can take up to an hour, and a patient usually sits or lays down in a relaxed state while the procedure is being performed.

How was Bioresonance Developed?

Bioresonance therapy was developed during the 1970s by a German doctor named Franz Morell. His method involved a device called the MORA which used electrodes placed on the skin to pick up energetic information on the body. The MORA device then modified the patient’s energy and fed it back to the individual. By doing this, Morell believed he was eliminating the imbalanced and unhealthy energy in a person’s body and strengthening it with positive energy.

Franz Morell also had a strong background in homeopathic medicine. He believed that water retains the energetic information of whatever it comes in contact with, which weakens or strengthens its overall energetic quality. In a sense, bioresonance therapy was his version of electronic homeopathy since the human body is made up of 70% water.

In 1987, Morell’s close colleague, Hans Brügemann, took Morell’s idea to the next level and used a computer to make the therapy method more efficient and automated. He opened up his own company and officially coined the term “bioresonance therapy.”

Bioresonance and Illness

Bioresonance is a form of holistic medicine, and holistic medicine tends to focus on health relating to the person as a whole. In other words, a person’s emotional and physical health are addressed, and illnesses can often be related to an emotional root.

Modern medicine often talks about how stress and anxiety can lower the immune system, but Bioresonance therapy goes even farther and addresses the issue of stuck or unexpressed emotions. Such emotions can cause an energetic blockage in a person’s energy field which later manifests as physical illness.

By removing these blockages in a person’s energy field, illnesses can be prevented, and many times, healing of an already existing health condition can be addressed.

Are There Any Side Effects?

As of yet, serious side effects have not been reported. This treatment is even safe for pets, children, and older adults.

Although serious side effects have not been reported, some people have experienced detoxing effects after a treatment. This detoxing period can involve nausea, headaches, or tiredness, but these effects usually last up to 24 hours after the treatment.

This brief detox period can actually be something positive because it’s a sign that healing is taking place. In fact, many patients look forward to this period almost as confirmation that the treatment has worked.

If you’re hesitant about taking pills or prescription medication to cure your current condition, why not consider a more natural approach? If Bioresonance therapy catches your interest feel free to search for Bioresonance Treatment in Waterford, MI. Many qualified and experienced practitioners are ready to help you find inner balance and healing, so why not let them help you find relief and peace of mind?