We often get asked what the benefit of choosing online car rental is, over booking directly at the car rental desk or looking for the offers yourself. Well, the answer is easy. Using a car rental comparer online saves you time, money and stress! How, you may ask? Well let me explain.


The biggest reason is that a car rental comparer online is better, is that it allows you to compare all the companies, cars and offers in one go. You could go to all the individual company websites and type in all your details over and over again. It is tedious work, and the biggest downside of doing it that way, is that all the companies seem to present the information slightly differently. I don’t know about you, but for me, that makes it very hard to compare the car rental offerings.


The price of a car rental is not just down to the actual price that is displayed on the screen before you. How do you know if it all the offers are showing you the same fuel policy for example, one company may offer full to full on your rental, while the next may have pick up full and drop off empty, which means you need use all your fuel before you drop back the car or lose out on your remaining fuel. Try calculating that each time you need to put fuel in the car, it definitely adds to the stress factor! Or are you comparing like for like on the pick-up location? One company may offer you a terminal pick up and the next an off-site pick up.


The other alternative to using a car rental comparer online is to actually go to the airport desks and ask for quotes or prices.  I travel a lot, and sometimes I travel with my small kids and when I land, I want to get to my final destination as quickly and hassle free as possible. I don’t want to wait in a queue for a rental desk to ask them about the offers they have, then move on to the next desk and repeat the process. I want to land, get my car and get out of there. I want to use my time to enjoy my trip and car rental comparison online allows to me do that.


I can go into one search engine, I type my information in just once, and then I get access to all the companies in that location, I can pick a fuel policy that I like, I can decide what size car is ideal for my trip, I can decide on my pick up location, see any special car rentals offers available, and best of all, I can very easily compare them all because the offers are all presented in the same way.All students will receive a pre-licensing course near me Completion Certificate, Students will learn the … Schedule & Locations.


So by using a car rental comparer online, I have saved myself time in the search for my perfect rental and time in picking up the car when I land. I have saved myself money because I have compared all the offers from each provider in that location and I have a stress free collection of my rental, allowing me to focus on my holiday!