Microsoft Access has been around for quite a while now, but it is amazing that many in the professional world still do not know what it is. Often, when an individual begins a new job they will be asked if they are familiar with Microsoft Access and many are not. The best thing to do is to have the new employee get acquainted with the program before the first day of employment begins. 

Microsoft Access is part of the well-known Microsoft Office Suite. Access is a database that is known as one of the better relational database programs out there. Access is not included with the many versions of Microsoft Office so if you will be using it be sure you have a version with it included. 

Access is a database that can be used for businesses that are both small and large. The layout is pretty much the same as other Microsoft products but what it offers for a business database goes beyond what other products from this company can perform.

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The use of Access is a great choice for those businesses who are just converting to a database application. Another great thing about Access is there are literally thousands of add-in apps that can be added to help with all sorts of functions. Applications range from time-saving tools to industry-specific apps. 

Automating Tasks and Data Entry in Access

The automation of CRM email integration and tasks in Access is available and helps to save both time and money. When it comes to CRMs and databases having to input data manually can be a challenge. Sales teams and managers do not want to spend their time having to manually enter data and click away. They want to do the tasks that they were hired for. Sales reps want to be making sales and forming relationships with potential customers. Sales managers want to be able to manage their teams without having to set aside hours each week to check data. 

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The solution is to incorporate a program that will automate data entry and tasks. Choosing the appropriate tools will go a long way in helping the employees and customers. 

AutoScribe Helps with Automation

One such application is AutoScribe by SalesDirector. AutoScribe offers 100% automated contact and activity capture. AutoScribe provides the following:

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  • Automatically log calendar events and email. This allows visibility into team activities and the ability to get reports with data that is consistent. 
  • Creates contacts automatically. Frees up time for both the sales reps and management. 
  • Works with Office 365/Exchange and GSuite. Service or individual account integration. No extensive setup – no plug-in purgatory. 
  • Attaches contacts to the right opportunities so you know who is involved in the deal.

Access is used by businesses all over the world and with the use of the right tools for the job your teams will be happier and more productive. Not having to spend time on manual CRM data entry services also reduces lost sales and revenue due to mistakes and missing information.