Transferring fluids is by far the most common application for an air-operated double diaphragm pump in GA, and can be found in numerous industries such as paint and varnish, chemical, construction, water treatment, oil, marine, mining and many more. The need to transfer fluids is a vital part of the day-to-day operation in most industrial plants.

There is a true science to designing a pump that can handle various types of fluid while applying an appropriate flow rate to get the job done accurately and on schedule. Air-operated diaphragm pumps are able to move almost any fluid, from the thinnest solvents to harsher elements such as slug and sand, with no damage to the fluid or the pump itself.

While the fluid transfer is the simplest of pumps applications, often involving moving fluid from one tank to another, some basic considerations must be made.  The most important consideration is material compatibility with the process chemical/fluid.

Dewatering with Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps in GA

Dewatering, or the removal of water, is a common application for air-operated double diaphragm pumps. Regardless of the industry or location in the plant, water can accumulate in a variety of areas.

For example, construction sites can readily accumulate water as they are outside and exposed to the elements.  Rain can easily collect in a variety of areas and needs to be removed prior to the continuation of work.

Similarly, any loading dock without proper drainage would need to be cleared of water after a heavy rain. Additionally, during mining and tunneling, groundwater often accumulates and needs to be removed.

All of the above scenarios pose essentially the same problem.  Water accumulated in a set area and must be removed.  Because the area of water accumulation is often open, solids and other abrasives are present.  Caution must be taken to avoid damage to the diaphragms due to the presence of debris in the water.  Two practical steps can be taken to mitigate this risk.  Firstly, it is common to install a strainer to prevent very large debris from entering the pump. Secondly, thermoplastic diaphragms should be used instead of rubber diaphragms whenever possible.

Dispensing, Filling, and Metering Applications for Air-Operation Double Diaphragm Pumps in GA

 There are a large number of industries that utilize these pumps to dispense, fill and meter liquids. These applications can be found in industries such as paint and varnish, chemical, water treatment, oil and more. These pumps are ideal for transferring materials such as inks, glue, paint, pigments, solvents, chemicals, cleaners and abrasive and corrosive fluids.

The advantage of using AODD pumps for this application is that they are cost-effective and the initial cost is easily made up for by the easy clean-up and low maintenance costs. Diaphragm pumps also eliminate the foaming of the material being transferred, leaving the material unchanged after the transfer process. This is especially important for companies working with vulnerable chemicals or fluids.

Air-Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps in GA are Perfect for Filter-Press Applications

In a wide variety of industries, these pumps are ideal for filter press applications.  They can be found in filter presses in a wide range of industries, including wastewater, metal fabrication, food processing, chemical, paint and varnish, agriculture and manufacturing. They are uniquely suited to filter-press applications due to their reaction to head pressure.

Spraying and Cleaning Applications for Air-Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps

They are commonly used in spraying and cleaning applications and can be found in many different industries, including paint and varnish, chemical and manufacturing. They are perfect for spraying paint, cleaning roofs and spraying conveyers/bottles for anti-static. These pumps are suited for these types of applications due to their durability and the volume produced by each pump.

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