About Us

We are a passionate bunch brought together by the technology that we follow passionately. It is not hard to come across a person that shares the love for new technology in today’s world as we do, the unique part is that we also love communicating with readers about our passion.

Our typical work day involves finding topics most likely to invoke the light bulb moment in the thousands of readers we have daily access to. To give the readers a perfect experience, we put in hundreds of hours into each piece and generate the most accurate versions of updates that would never disappoint if followed on to their point zero.

Given the effort and results that keep growing at an unpredictable pace, we are slowly turning into a society of technology enthusiasts, who together as readers and writers, get a chance to discuss new technology to the smallest details.

We have since seen remarkable growth in readers since adjusting to the speed that technology evolves at. Though being a sure challenge, none of the team members would accept the tasks required of them if they were totally a breeze. It is the hard efforts and satisfying results that motivates more people to join our company.