3 Things to Know About Sewer Camera Inspection

Sewer Camera InspectionVideo technology has revolutionized plumbing functions. A sewer camera inspection can detect problems in the all-important sewer line quickly and accurately.

This is essential for a homeowner who suddenly experiences plumbing difficulties. Nothing is more disruptive to smooth-running home life than trouble with the pipes. It is also a critical method that homebuyers and people considering a renovation or remodel use to determine the condition of the property.

An inspection of the sewer pipe done with a camera is efficient and reliable. Here is a look at how it works, what it can detect, and how it removes guessing.

1. How It Works

A sewer camera inspection checks out the condition of your underground sewer line. Using fiber optic cable and infra-red light, it provides the plumber with an accurate picture. He can stay above ground while inspecting the interior of the line by watching a monitor.

The high-resolution color video camera is attached to a firm fiber-optic line, which is pushed into the sewer. It is illuminated with a LED light. The images are sent to the operator and saved for permanent reference.

The camera tells the plumber knows exactly where problems are located. This data is recorded by a radio transmitter attached to the device. It documents the depth and physical location for each part of the inspection. The plumber has all the information he needs to locate obstructions and defects. He doesn’t have to guess where the problem is.

2. What It Detects

When the sewer line develops problems, the lives of the people in the home are disrupted. Without reliable plumbing, it’s hard to start the day, fix food and keep clean. A wonky sewer line is also a potential health hazard, affecting your home and those of your neighbors.

The usual reaction to sewer problems is frustration and overwhelm. If you don’t know what happened, how can you fix it? What will it cost? How soon can it be fixed?

A sewer camera inspection to the rescue! During the inspection, both you and the plumber can actually see the inside of the sewer pipe. All of this happens without the need to dig anything up or create a mess.

A skilled plumber can see on his monitor what is happening in your sewer line. He has the experience to make sense of the images that the camera sends back.

He can tell if the sewer line is broken, if there are displaced joints in the piping, or if material and waste have built up. The quicker the problem is identified, the quicker it can be fixed. This also helps prevent other complications from developing.

3. Develop a Workable Plan

When a skilled plumber knows exactly what is wrong, he can put together a plan. This involves repairing the immediate obstruction or defect and also preventing the problem from happening again.

Because he doesn’t have to guess, he can fix the actual problem, not a presumed problem. The work is done much more quickly because he knows exactly what he is dealing with and where it is within the pipe system.

This provides four big benefits for you as a homeowner:

l You get the exact problem fixed quickly and precisely.
l You get your plumbing back in order, making it possible to use the bathroom, kitchen, and laundry appliances again.
l You save money in the long run because the problem is fixed at an early stage before it requires major repair or even replacement.
l You don’t have to deal with unnecessary expenses and mess from digging up sewer lines to find the problem. Your plumber simply looks at the video inspection data and knows what is wrong and where it is located.